Protecting against fraud and financial exploitation

Losing money or possessions to scams, fraud, and exploitation can be especially devastating to older people, who may be not be able to earn back what they’ve lost.

Money Smart for Older Adults: Prevent Financial Exploitation

Older people often have regular income, accumulated savings, or equity in their homes. This makes them attractive targets for exploitation by con artists, unscrupulous family members, caregivers and others. And they may not recognize warning signs or know where to turn for help.

Produced in collaboration with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), “Money Smart for Older Adults” helps older people, family caregivers, senior service providers, financial service professionals, and others to prevent, recognize, and report financial exploitation. The program also encourages advance financial planning and informed decision-making.

Consumer advisories: Preventing fraud

Resources for caregivers and service providers

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