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Financial education placemats

Our free financial education placemats can help older adults and their families avoid common financial scams. They're available for the public to download or order in bulk.

These educational placemats were originally designed by the CFPB's Office for Older Americans to be used by meal delivery programs. They can also be used by community or faith-based organizations, financial institutions, or other groups in a variety of ways. 

We have created companion resources that practitioners can use to reinforce the messages on the placemats.

Order or download the placemats

For each placemat, you can:

  • Download as a PDF, which is best for web viewing or printing small quantities. The placemats are 10″ x 14″ and can be printed on 11″ x 17″ paper.
  • Order free placemats in bulk

Placemats in English


Placemats in Spanish


Download companion guides

To accompany the placemats, we created these companion resources that practitioners can use to prevent, recognize, and report incidences of fraud and scams.

  • Help protect seniors in your community (can be used with any of the placemats)
  • Fake charity scam information for meal service providers
  • Protect your identity – what older adults should know