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Financial help for servicemembers

Although veterans will continue to receive their benefits and active-duty servicemembers will continue to receive their pay, some military personnel and their families are facing financial strain due to lost employment or changes in military orders. If you need financial assistance as a result of the pandemic, there is help.

Resources to help

Financial assistance for servicemembers and military families

You may have a number of decisions to make, but remember that you’re still in control of your money. Members of the military also have access to special programs for financial relief.

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Changes to veteran and servicemember benefits

Even though the VA has adjusted its operations during the COVID-19 outbreak, benefits and services for servicemembers, veterans, their families, and survivors will continue to be provided. However, there are some changes being made to existing programs in light of the challenges presented by COVID-19.

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Money management tools

These online educational resources can help you improve your money management skills, navigate purchases, and make more informed decisions about your everyday money choices.

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Other federal resources