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Talking about money choices, big and small

As you talk to your kids about money, when you talk to them is less important than how you talk to them. When you take into consideration where your children are in their financial development, you can talk to them about important events and build skills they’ll use later in life.

Some topics may be sensitive for your family. Keep in mind that children absorb much more than the words you say—they’re aware of your moods and attitudes too. Start a conversation when you sense it can be productive and comfortable.

Common family events can lead to money talks

Getting a pet

Having a pet join your household can feed interest in talking about money.

Buying a car

Getting new transportation can drive a whole new money conversation.

Paying with a credit card

Swiping a credit card instead of using cash or checks can charge up a conversation.

Moving to a new home

Moving out of your old home and into a new one can open the door to a money talk.

Paying bills

Taking care of household expenses can spur a money management conversation.