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Resources to prevent elder financial abuse

As you create and grow your network, use these tools to plan meetings, identify and prioritize goals, and build foundational knowledge of elder fraud prevention and response.

Stakeholder resources


Network Stakeholders

Overview of the different types of stakeholders and how they can participate in a network

Learn more about stakeholders

Stakeholder planning guide

Spreadsheet to help you build a core planning team and identify stakeholders to invite to the convening

Download the planning guide

Who's Who in Elder Justice Networks recorded webinar

Recorded webinar that will introduce you to people and teams that can bring your efforts to the next level

Watch the recorded webinar

Convening planning resources


In-person convening planning timeline

Timeline to help your core planning team prepare for the convening

Download the timeline in Excel

Virtual convening planning timeline

Timeline to help your core planning team prepare for a virtual convening 

Download the timeline in Excel

Download the timeline in PDF

Convening supply list

Supply list to help you gather materials and prepare to set up for the convening

See the supply list

Sample registration form

Sample questions to ask registrants

Download the form

Email templates

Save the date, invitation, and reminder email templates for the convening

View the email templates

Sample agenda templates 

Internal and external agenda templates for the convening

View the agenda templates

Convening facilitator guide

Instructions, supply list, facilitation tips, and worksheets to use at the convening

Download the facilitator guide

Tools for increasing engagement in your virtual convening

List of options for making your virtual convening engaging 

Download the resource

Readout sample template

PowerPoint template for presentation that summarizes network priorities and next steps

Download the readout sample

New Resources for Elder Fraud Prevention and Response Networks

Recorded webinar that provides an overview of network-building concepts and tools

Watch the recorded webinar

How to Plan an Elder Justice Network Convening recorded webinar

Recorded webinar that covers the convening planning process, ready-to-use resources, and promising practices from successful convenings, as well as tips for successful convenings in rural communities

Watch the recorded webinar

Working group resources


Naming the network

Directed activity and tips to help the network choose a name

View the naming activity

Establishing working groups 

List of common working groups in networks; includes sample goals and who to recruit

Learn more about working groups

Goal planning worksheet

Worksheet to help working groups determine a goal and create actionable steps to reach it

Download the goal planning worksheet

Referral guide

Spreadsheet for creating a referral guide of individuals and organizations to help address elder abuse issues 

Download the referral guide

Ongoing meeting resources


CFPB's resources for older adults

Resources and tools to use with older adults and financial caregivers

See our resources

Cross-training topics

List of training topics to use to increase network members' knowledge of other stakeholder expertise and relevant laws

See cross-training page

Key dates calendar

List of dates related to elder financial exploitation awareness to help plan trainings, organize events, and share news

See key dates

Ways to evaluate and measure network success

Sample measurements and discussion questions to brainstorm measures of success

See ways to measure

Funding sources

List of possible funding sources

See possible sources

Money Smart for Older Adults recorded webinar

Recorded webinar on using this free curriculum to help older adults, family caregivers, and others prevent, recognize, and report scams, fraud, and financial exploitation

Watch the recorded webinar

Access Money Smart for Older Adults resources

Recovering from Elder Financial Exploitation recorded webinar

Recorded webinar on a financial recovery framework explaining how and when older adults get money back after financial exploitation and the emotional impact of elder financial exploitation and related materials

Watch the recorded webinar

Access the report

Age-Friendly Banking and Opportunities for Collaboration recorded webinar

Recorded webinar on how age-friendly banking initiatives can work with elder fraud prevention and response networks

Watch the recorded webinar

Access age-friendly banking resources

Financial Caregiving recorded webinar

Recorded webinar on long-term services and support, including tools for advance caregiving planning and how carefully choosing from caregiving options can prevent elder financial exploitation

Watch the recorded webinar

Facilitation resources


Open Learn

Free online facilitation training courses

Visit Open Learn site

U.S. Department of Justice elder justice resources


Case review resources

Sample referral and case review forms

Review case resources

Elder justice roadmap

Strategic planning resource for advancing elder justice in direct services, community education, policy, and research

Download roadmap

Elder justice network locator 

Map to locate and collaborate with government-sponsored elder justice networks and teams nationwide

See locator map

Elder abuse case review multidisciplinary team toolkit 

Guide to developing victim-focused elder abuse case review Multidisciplinary Teams (MDTs); includes information about MDT structures, functions, and common challenges 

Learn more about MDTs

Legal considerations 

Samples of confidentiality agreements and memoranda of understanding (MOUs)

Learn more about legal considerations

National Center for State and Tribal Elder Justice Coalitions

National initiative for the development and enhancement of elder justice networks

Connect to the initiative

Other national resources


American Bankers Association (ABA) 

Resources and guidance on protecting older consumers from fraud and exploitation

Visit ABA site

American Bar Association (ABA), Commission on Law and Aging 

Resources and funding for Working Interdisciplinary Networks of Guardianship Stakeholders (WINGS) 

Visit Commission site

Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) 

Resources and educational videos related to investment fraud and scams

Visit CFTC site

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Information about current scams, accepts consumer complaints of fraud and identity theft 

Visit FTC site

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Fraud prevention resources, including the Money Smart for Older Adults financial education program

Visit FDIC site

Federal Reserve System

Resources on mortgages, foreclosures, and problems with financial institutions 

Visit Federal Reserve site

Foundation for Financial Education (F3E)

Free financial education resources and workshops 

Visit F3E site

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

Financial education for investors and training for securities professionals 

Visit Regulatory Authority site

International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI)

Resources on fraud, scams, identity theft, and financial safety 

Visit IAFCI site

International Association of Chiefs of Police

Resources for law enforcement on crimes against older adults, including videos and a financial investigative tool to identify patterns of exploitation

Visit Chiefs of Police site

National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA)

Resources on fraud and scams and guidance on reporting elder abuse and financial exploitation

Visit NAPSA site

National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA)

State-by-state directory of resources, data, and contact information for organizations working on elder abuse issues 

Visit NCEA site

National Credit Union Administration

Resources on financial literacy and elder fraud prevention 

Visit Credit Union site

National Sheriffs’ Association 

Resources for locating, starting, and developing Triads 

Visit Sheriff's Association site

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)

Resources on fraud and financial crimes 

Visit OCC site

Social Security Administration (SSA), Office of the Inspector General

Information about fraud and scam awareness

Visit SSA site

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

Elder justice resources and information

Visit HHS site

U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 

Information about disaster fraud 

Visit FEMA site

U.S. Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime

Funding and resources for initiatives serving crime victims, including older adults

Visit Office for Victims of Crime site

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Resources and information for veterans and VA fiduciaries

Visit VA site

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Resources and information for older investors

Visit SEC site

Eldercare Locator

Resource listing of the U.S. Administration on Aging connecting you to services for older adults and their families

Access the locator