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What should I tell my kids about entering personal information like bank or credit card numbers online?

Talk to your kids about the dangers of entering any kind of personal information online. And tell them to never take pictures of debit or credit cards or post them on social media sites.

Explain the dangers of entering any kind of personal information online, and that thieves can use things like account numbers, Social Security numbers and other personal information to steal their money or steal their identity, which can make it harder to start a credit history.

You might also want to tell your child that “free” offers online, such as cell phone ringtones or games, could be scams to trick them into spending money without realizing it.

Consider making a rule that your children never answer emails that ask for account information, even if they are organizations or people they know. They should also avoid online forms or popups that require account information.

The FTC has more tips on protecting your children’s or your own personal information.

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