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Explore financial education resources and research

CFPB conducts research and develops research-based content for K‒12 teachers, administrators, education leaders, youth workers, researchers, and community leaders to support youth financial education.

Youth financial education research and policy

CFPB's research provides a foundation for tools, information, and insights to inform policy and program decisions and foster connections among the financial education community.

Building blocks of youth financial capability

Our evidence-based developmental model provides strategies for supporting financial capability from early childhood through adolescence.

Measurement guide to assess building blocks

Review the research on key measures to assess young people’s progress toward achieving milestones of financial capability.

A Review of youth financial education: Effects and evidence

This literature review can help education policymakers, program leaders, financial educators, and academic researchers make evidence-informed policy, programming, and resourcing decisions about school-based financial education.

Policy recommendations for advancing K–12 financial education

Policy recommendations are articulated in a white paper that provides an overview of the financial decision-making context that Americans navigate, surveys some existing efforts in the K–12 financial education field, and addresses each of these elements.

Youth financial education research priorities

This CFPB report lays out key unanswered research questions in youth financial education identified by a range of stakeholders.

CFPB brief on using international data to improve youth financial literacy

This research brief show how financial literacy data about the United States from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) can be used to help strengthen financial education and metrics for success.

Resources to bring financial education to the classroom

We provide information, tools, and resources to help educators integrate financial education throughout the K–12 experience.

Free printed tools and resources

Don’t want to download and print tools and resources to support the design and delivery of financial education? Order free printed copies.

Building block activities resources

Our classroom activities include links to helpful online resources from other government agencies and organizations.

Financial terms glossary

Not sure what a term means? The financial terms glossary for educators has definitions that help build financial understanding.

Expanding K–12 financial education

Our Resource Guide connects you to information, insights, and best practices about what works in advancing K–12 financial education.