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If I have been affected by a natural disaster, what should I do in the weeks following it, as I rebuild?

The checklist below will help guide you through some of the financial decisions you will need to make as you rebuild following a natural disaster:

  • Be careful if you choose to hire a public adjuster to help with your insurance claim. Be sure the adjuster is licensed to do business in your state . Also watch out for these red flags:
    • Big upfront fees. Don’t pay a lot before you know if the adjuster is going to help you.  Many states put a limit on fees.
    • References to contractors who can help. Dishonest adjusters will sometimes work with contractors that give them kickbacks.
    • False or inflated claims. This is fraud against the insurance company.
    • Asks for a suspicious amount of personal information. Some con artists may pose as adjusters to steal your personal information.
  • Get bids from several local, established contractors. And avoid contractors who:
    • Are working door to door
    • Come from out of state
    • Don’t provide an address and phone number, or refuse to show identification
  • Ask if the contractor has the required licenses, and get license numbers.
  • Check with your state licensing agency’s website or hotline to make sure the licenses are valid.
  • Ask the licensing agencies if the contractor has a history of complaints.

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