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Can debt collectors call me anytime they want, day or night?

Generally, debt collectors cannot call you at an unusual time or place, or at a time or place they know is inconvenient to you and they are prohibited from contacting you before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.

Debt collectors may not harass you or anyone else, over the phone or through any other form of contact when collecting on a debt. Also, if a debt collector knows that you are not allowed to receive the debt collector’s calls or communications at work then the debt collector is not allowed to contact you there. If your employer does not allow you to receive personal calls at work you should let the debt collector know that.

The CFPB has prepared sample letters that you can use to respond to a debt collector who is trying to collect a debt. The letters include tips on how to use them.  The sample letters may help you to get information, set limits or stop any further communication, or protect some of your rights. Always keep a copy of your letter for your records.

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