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Removing an outdated bankruptcy from a credit report: Jorge’s story

Have you ever found an error on your credit report? These errors can negatively affect loan applications, how much you can borrow, hiring decisions and more. In Jorge’s case, he had lost an apartment because of a bankruptcy, which can stay on credit reports for up to ten years.

Ten years had passed since Jorge’s bankruptcy and he was ready to apply for a new apartment. To avoid any trouble with his application, he requested his free credit report and checked if the bankruptcy was still there.

But even after ten years, he learned it was still on one of his credit reports. After trying, unsuccessfully, to get the bankruptcy removed, Jorge contacted the Better Business Bureau, which referred him to the CFPB to submit a complaint.

In Jorge’s words, “Within two weeks, everything was finalized . . . [I got] a letter saying it’s gone.” He continued, “Having a good credit score and a clean credit record is always good. No one was going to help me with my problem – and I took charge, by contacting the CFPB.”

We’re glad that we were able to help Jorge get the help he needed, and we want to make sure that you know we’re here for you too. To share your experience or learn more from others, visit us at

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