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§ 1010.556 Previously accepted state filings - amendments and consolidations.

(a) Amendments

(1) General requirements. State accepted materials, filed with the Director pursuant to § 1010.552, shall be amended to reflect any amendment to such materials made effective by the state or any change of a material fact regarding the subdivision. All amendments to such materials, which reflect changes in material facts regarding the subdivision, shall be submitted to the state authorities within 15 days of the date on which the developer knows, or should have known, of such change and to the Director within 15 days after it becomes effective under the applicable State laws. However, such amendment shall not be effective as a Federal registration until the Director has determined that the amendment meets all applicable requirements of these regulations.

(2) Amendments shall include or be accompanied by:

(i) A letter from the developer giving a narrative statement fully explaining the purpose and significance of the amendment and referring to that section and page of the Statement of Record which is being amended, and;

(ii) All amended pages of the state accepted materials filed with the Director. These pages shall be copied together with their amendments. Each such page shall have its date of preparation in the lower right hand corner, and;

(iii) A signed state acceptance certification, and;

(iv) The appropriate fees as indicated in § 1010.35.

(b) Consolidations

(1) When consolidations allowed. If lots are to be registered pursuant to § 1010.552 which are in the same common promotional plan with other lots already registered with the Director, then new consolidated state accepted materials including such lots may be filed with the Director as a Statement of Record following the format of the previously accepted filing.

(2) Consolidated Statements of Record shall include or be accompanied by:

(i) State accepted consolidation materials which are also acceptable to the Director as a Statement of Record (state property report inclusive). These state accepted consolidation materials shall cover all lots previously registered in the common promotional plan except those deleted pursuant to other provisions in these regulations. These materials shall also include information and items required for state accepted materials filed as an initial registration Statement of Record, except that, supporting documentation in materials previously made effective by the Director for other lots in the subject common promotional plan may be included incorporated by reference into the new consolidation materials submitted as a Statement of Record. However, such documentation may be incorporated by reference included only if it is applicable to the new consolidated lots as well as to the previously registered lots.

(ii) A signed state acceptance certification.

(iii) The appropriate fees as indicated in § 1010.35.

(c) Effective date; state filing. The effective dates of state materials filed as amendments and consolidated Statements of Record shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of § 1010.21.