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§ 1010.21 Effective dates.

(a) General. The effective date of an initial, consolidated or amended Statement of Record is the 30th day after the filing of the latest amendatory material unless the Director notifies the developer in writing prior to such 30th day that:

(1) The effective date has been suspended in accordance with § 1010.45(a), or

(2) An earlier effective date has been determined.

(b) Suspension of effective date by developer.

(1) A developer, or owner, may request that the effective date of its Statement of Record be suspended, provided there are no administrative proceedings pending against either of them at the time the request is submitted. The request must include any consolidations or amendments which have been made to the initial Statement of Record and may be submitted via the electronic means of submission described in § 1010.20(a). Forms for this purpose will be furnished by the Director upon request.

(2) Upon acceptance by the Director, the effectiveness of the Statement of Record shall be suspended as of the date the request was executed by the developer or owner.

(3) The suspension shall continue until the developer, or owner, submits all amendments necessary to bring the registration into full compliance with the Regulations which are in effect on the date of the amendments and the Director allows those amendments to become effective.