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§ 1010.23 Amendment - filing and form.

(a) Filing. If any change occurs in any representation of material fact required to be stated in an effective Statement of Record, an amendment shall be filed. The amendment shall be filed within 15 days of the date on which the developer knows, or should have known, that there has been a change in material fact. The amendment may be filed via the electronic means of submission described in § 1010.20(a).

(b) Form. An amendment shall include by reference the prior Statement of Record except for any changes in material fact. A change in material fact shall be specifically described and supported by the same documentation which would be required for an initial submission. Any amendment shall be accompanied by:

(1) A letter from the developer giving a clear and concise description of the purpose and significance of the amendment and referring to the section and page of the Statement of Record which is being amended, and

(2) All pages of the Statement of Record, which have been amended, retyped in the required format to reflect the changes. The ILSRP number of the Statement of Record shall appear at the top of each page of the material submitted.

(c) Amendments to suspended filings. Developers wishing to reactivate a suspended filing shall file the following:

(1) Any amendments necessary to bring the filing into compliance, submitted in accordance with paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section;

(2) An activity report in the form prescribed by § 1010.310; and

(3) An amendment fee, if required under § 1010.35(d)(2).