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§ 1010.20 Requirements for registering a subdivision - Statement of Record - filing and form.

(a) Filing.

(1) In order to register a subdivision and receive an effective date, the developer or owner of the subdivision must file a Statement of Record with the Director by either:

(i) U.S. Mail, to the following official address: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Interstate Land Sales Registration Program, 1700 G Street NW., Washington, DC 20552; or

(ii) Electronic means designated on the ILSA program page on the Bureau's Web site at

(2) When the Statement of Record is filed, a fee in the amount set out in § 1010.35(b) must be paid in accordance with § 1010.35(a).

(b) Form.

(1) The Statement of Record shall be in the format specified in § 1010.100 and shall be completed in accordance with the instructions in §§ 1010.102, 1010.105 through 1010.118, 1010.200, 1010.208 through 1010.216, and 1010.219. It shall be supported by the documents required by §§ 1010.208 through 1010.216 and 1010.219. It shall include any other information or documents which the Director may require as being necessary or appropriate for the protection of purchasers.

(2) The requirements relating to paper type, tabs, folding, and ordering for filings with the Bureau in § 1010.102(a), (g), and (h) do not apply if a Statement of Record is filed with the Bureau via electronic means designated on the Bureau's Web site pursuant to § 1010.20(a).

(c) State filings. A Statement of Record submitted under the provisions of 12 CFR part 1010, subpart C - Certification of Substantially Equivalent State Law, shall consist of the materials designated by the Certification Agreement between the Director and the certified state in which the subdivision is located.