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§ 1010.22 Statement of record - initial or consolidated.

(a) Initial Statement of Record.

(1) Except in the case of exempt transactions, an initial Statement of Record shall be filed, and an effective date issued, prior to selling or leasing any lot in a subdivision.

(2) If a developer buys from another developer 100 or more lots from an existing registration, the new developer, or owner, may have to submit a new initial Statement of Record and receive an effective date covering the acquired lots prior to selling or leasing any of those lots.

(3) Changes in principals due to a sale of stock in a corporation or changes in partners or joint venturers which are accomplished in accordance with the partnership or joint venture agreement but which do not cause a change in the title to the land in the subdivision may be submitted as an amendment.

(4) Any initial Statement of Record must be accompanied by a fee, as specified in § 1010.35(b), based upon the number of lots sought to be registered.

(b) Consolidated Statement of Record.

(1) If the developer intends to sell or lease additional lots as part of the same common promotional plan with lots already registered, a consolidated Statement of Record may be submitted for the additional lots. A fee, as specified in § 1010.35(b) and based on the number of additional lots, must accompany the submission. The additional lots may not be sold or leased until a new effective date is issued.

(2) If the additional lots are simply the result of a replatting of lots previously registered and enumerated in the Property Report and do not include any additional land, the change may be made by an amendment. However, the amendment must be accompanied by a fee, as specified in § 1010.35(b), based on the number of additional lots.

(c) Consolidated Statement of Record - Form. A consolidated Statement of Record shall contain the elements listed in paragraphs (c)(1) through (4) of this section. Pages having no changes and documents in previous submissions which apply equally to the additional lots may be included by reference. However, the developer may, at its option, submit the entire format for an initial filing, including copies of previously submitted documents, to expedite the examination process.

(1) Those pages of the Property Report portion and Additional Information and Documentation portion which contain changes which have occurred since the last effective submission, and

(2) A recapitulation or listing of each of the section headings, and subheadings if necessary, of the Additional Information and Documentation portion. Each item of the listing shall contain a statement as to whether or not any change is made in the section; whether any new or additional information is being submitted and, if documentation is added by cross reference, the previous submission in which that documentation may be found, and

(3) Documentation to support the additional lots (e.g., plat maps, topographic maps and general plan to reflect new lots, title information, permits for additional facilities, financial assurances of completion of additional facilities, financial statements) or updated or expanded documents in support of previous submissions, and

(4) The affirmation required by § 1010.219.

(d) Consolidated Statement of Record amends prior Statement of Record. A Consolidated Statement of Record shall contain all applicable information for all registered lots in the subdivision except those deleted pursuant to other provisions in these regulations. The resulting Property Report shall be used for all sales in the subdivision, except for those transactions which are exempt from the provisions of the Act or which have been granted an exempt status by the Director, unless the Director has specifically authorized the use of multiple Property Reports.

(e) Initial Statement of Record - when prior approval to submit is required. In those subdivisions where there is a disparity between the lots already registered and those sought to be registered because of location, terrain, proposed use of the lots or the amenities to be furnished or available, the developer may present a resume of the differences and request the Director's permission to file a separate initial Statement of Record for the additional lots. Upon consideration of the facts submitted, the Director may allow such a procedure.

(f) Lots which have been deleted from registration. Should the developer, for any reason, delete by amendment any registered lots from an effective Statement of Record, those lots must be reregistered by a consolidation and a new effective date issued, before they can be sold or leased. An appropriate fee must accompany the submission.

(g) Lots sold to individual purchasers. It is not necessary to delete from the registration those lots which have been sold to individual purchasers for their own use.