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Misadventures in Money Management (MiMM)

MiMM is a cutting edge, graphic novel where you can choose your own adventure in a virtual learning experience that trains future and current servicemembers and their families on how to navigate future financial landmines in a fun and interactive way. The program is currently available for use by all of the U.S. Armed Forces.

The program covers topics including understanding:

  • the importance of building savings;
  • how to avoid impulse purchases;
  • how debt can affect a military career; and
  • protections under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA).

For servicemembers

Fight zombies, time travel, save the world from aliens and learn how to make smart financial decisions through Misadventures in Money Management’s (MiMM) online choose your own adventure graphic novel program.

See how your senior leaders support your financial readiness with MiMM.

Military leaders, recruiters, and PFMs

MiMM is a powerful tool that was created to help military leaders, recruiters and Professional Financial Managers (PFM’s) educate, advise and train servicemembers and their families on critical financial decisions.

In 2016, Congress amended the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) (Sec 992) to require financial literacy training for servicemembers at several professional and personal life events, or “touchpoints.”

This training is intended to prepare servicemembers and their families to respond to the financial circumstances of these life events, whether those are the financial implications of getting married, managing finances during deployment, or experiencing a permanent change of station.

Up to 8,000 servicemembers a year are being discharged due to financial problems, taking a toll on those military families, the affected units are costing the government an estimated $450 million/year to replace them.

Branch Battle Leaderboard

Want to see how your branch stacks up? Help your service reach the top on MiMM, and check the Branch Battle Leaderboard for real-time updates.

Access the Branch Battle Leaderboard .

High schools and non–profit organizations

MiMM is available to future servicemembers; including your local Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) and Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program or non-profits supporting servicemembers.

Access the MiMM lesson guides for JROTC and ROTC teachers.

Get MiMM materials

Get MiMM materials for your upcoming training. Paper materials will be shipped to you free of charge. These resources are samples of the training. The actual training can be accessed online at MiMM.GOV . Click the thumbnail images to see an example of some of the resources we have available.

Get your MiMM materials today.

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