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Expand network capabilities

After you establish a network, your team can use our resources to help grow the network's membership and increase its ability to fight elder financial exploitation in your community.

Activities for working groups

Educational outreach

Education and awareness are important both for network members and for the community. We provide free educational materials and programs to train older adults, caregivers, and other individuals about elder financial exploitation.

Case reviews

Case reviews can help train network members to recognize and report elder financial exploitation to Adult Protective Services or law enforcement for intervention. We created a referral guide to help your network conduct effective case reviews. The U.S. Department of Justice also created a case review guide.

Planning future network meetings

As your network establishes itself in the community, you can think about other types of meetings, trainings, and initiatives you want to take on as a group. Consider reaching out to new stakeholders or creating additional working groups to help your team accomplish new goals.

Evaluate and measure network impact

Frequent evaluation can keep your network on track to meet goals and understand your impact on the elder community. We developed guidance to help you think about subjective and objective ways to assess the network.

Secure network funding

Funding and grant programs can help your network generate awareness, provide community education programs, and support key network staff. We created a list of possible funding sources to help your network reach out.

Conduct cross-training

Trainings by or for network members or others in the community can help members understand each others' disciplines and gain a greater understanding of how to work together to help victims.

Celebrate network milestones

We have suggestions to help you recognize outstanding members and share your network's community impact. Consider celebrating network successes by:

  • Writing stories in newsletters, blog posts, and social media that show how your network affects the community
  • Encouraging local news media to publicize larger successes via a news article or television segment
  • Holding an annual event that honors network stakeholders on a commemorative day