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Reconvene and establish your network

Schedule a follow-up meeting to review network priorities and form working groups to establish your network.

Your core planning team should schedule this meeting to take place four to six weeks after the retreat. The main activities of this meeting are:

  • Reviewing the readout
  • Naming your network
  • Selecting the network coordinator(s)
  • Assigning stakeholders to work groups

Review the readout

Begin the meeting by reviewing the readout you sent to stakeholders after the retreat. Make time to discuss any questions or concerns as a group.

Select coordinator(s)

Choose or confirm a coordinator or co-coordinators to lead the network and take charge of administrative duties. Your network members can decide how long coordinators will lead these tasks.

Name your network

Naming your network will make it easier for members to talk about your work with the wider community. We created an activity to help name or rename the network.

Form working groups

Your team should set up space for each working group before the meeting. Consider using table tents with the name of each working group. Familiarize stakeholders with the suggested goals and tasks of each working group. Instruct the coordinator and/or facilitator to encourage members to join working groups so that each group has stakeholders from a variety of fields.

See working group types

Activity to establish groups and set goals

Use this activity to help each working group develop a mission statement, determine the group leader, select a goal, and make an action plan for achieving it. Group leaders should assign tasks to each member so that everyone shares the workload.

Download group activity

Create a referral guide

Referral guides help members connect with individuals or organizations that can help them address elder abuse issues outside of their expertise. You can fill in the referral guide with contact information from your invitation list or retreat roster. You should include:

  • The name of your key contact at each organization
  • Any relevant services that the organization provides
  • Any limitations on who can receive those services

Download referral guide template (Excel)