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Who should I expect to see at my mortgage closing?

If you’re buying a home, you should expect to see the following people at closing:

  • You and any other co-borrowers
  • The seller of the property or their agent
  • Your real estate agent and the seller's real estate agent. Real estate agents are not required to be at the closing, but may choose to attend to make sure that the closing transaction goes through.
  • Escrow officer. In some states, an escrow officer handles any funds that need to be exchanged during the closing. In other states, the closing agent performs this function, in addition to his or her other duties.
  • Closing agent or settlement agent. The settlement agent is responsible for the legal transfer of title and ownership of the property from the seller to you, the buyer.
  • In some states, there must be an  attorney, who will be responsible for legal transfer of title and the exchange of funds.  Other states may require an attorney to transfer the title. Check with the company that is handling your closing before going to the closing.

If you’re refinancing or taking on a second mortgage, there are fewer people involved in the closing:

  • Yourself and any other co-borrowers
  • A representative from your lender
  • Your title insurance company
  • An attorney

Familiarize yourself with these key people. Make sure to get their contact information ahead of the closing so you know exactly who you are dealing with and can ask questions. You should take a list with all of these people’s phone numbers with you to closing.