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What is a prepaid card reload pack and how do I use it?

A reload pack is a product you can buy to add money to your prepaid card. 

Each reload pack has a price in addition to the money you load onto it. You may be able to buy a reload pack at the same retailer where you bought your prepaid card. Most brands of reload packs can only be used with certain brands of prepaid cards, so it’s important to make sure that the reload pack you buy works with your prepaid card. 

After selecting your reload pack, take it to the cashier. Tell the cashier how much money you would like to put on your reload pack. Each reload pack has a set minimum and maximum reload amount, for example, at least $20 but no more than $500. The cashier will activate the reload pack once you purchase it. 

Once the cashier has activated the pack, you can open it and scratch the back to find the pack’s reload number. You can then go online or call your prepaid card’s customer service number and provide the pack’s reload number to load the funds onto your existing prepaid card. The money is usually credited to your prepaid account immediately.

A reload pack usually can only be used once. To add more money to your prepaid card, you must purchase another reload pack or add money another way, such as direct deposit of your wages. 

In addition to the purchase price of the reload pack, you may be charged a fee if you don’t load the funds onto your prepaid card after a certain number of days. Check the terms of your reload pack to see if you will be charged any additional fees.

Lost reload packs

Treat your reload pack like cash – if you lose it, you will generally not be able to get the money back. Some reload pack providers may have a customer service number where you can report errors or fraudulent transactions. In some instances, they may be able to give you some or all of your money back if you can provide proof of your purchase.