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How do I reload my prepaid card using direct deposit?

If you want to use direct deposit to reload your card, make sure this is an available feature on the card you have or plan to buy. Many cards do not charge for adding money through direct deposit, so it might be a cheaper way to add money to your card than other options.

Your prepaid card may allow you to set up direct deposit for future reloads. When you register your card, you may get specific instructions on how to set up direct deposit, if it is available for your card.

A direct deposit can come from a variety of sources, such as your paycheck, government benefits like unemployment or Social Security, a tax refund, or a transfer from a checking account. In general, you will need to know your prepaid account number (which is usually not the same as your prepaid card number) and your prepaid card provider’s routing number. Contact your prepaid card’s customer service number to obtain the account number and routing number for direct deposit.

There may be benefits to using direct deposit, such as waiver of the monthly fee. Check your cardholder agreement to understand your options.