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My credit card statement now has a credit score. What does this mean?

Recently, several credit card issuers introduced programs that provide customers with free credit scores.

This credit score could make it easier for you to spot whether there may be a problem or error on your credit report. For example, if the score is lower than expected, you may want to request your credit reports, dispute any errors that you may find, and take steps to improve your credit record by steps such as paying down debt and ensuring that you pay all your bills on time.

you have many different credit scores

Warning: Each credit card company uses its own formula for assessing your credit profile. The credit score you get from credit card company X may be slightly different from the credit score you get from credit card company Y. The credit score provided to you by the credit card company may also be a different score than what is used by other non-credit card lenders or finance companies. For example, if you seek an auto or home loan, your lender may use a different credit score than the one provided by the credit card company to assess your credit.