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Learn about opportunities for technologists at the CFPB

Use your technical expertise to help detect and prevent unfair, deceptive, and abusive practices in financial markets.

Our mission demands smart, usable, and reliable technology and technologists. The CFPB offers two tracks (a ‘Protecting consumers through investigatory and policy work’ track and a ‘Supporting the operational needs of the mission’ track) for skilled technologists who are passionate about using their skills to ensure consumer financial services are fair, transparent, and competitive. We regularly seek technical experts to join our team.

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Protecting consumers through investigatory and policy work

New and emerging technologies are changing how preexisting products and services work or creating entirely new ones. Technologists in this focus area work alongside attorneys and economists to hold companies accountable for financial wrongdoing and ensure the marketplace is fair for all Americans. Technologists apply their technical expertise to help the government conduct investigations, advocate for consumer needs, and ensure the federal government can keep pace with the private sector. Technologists can be experts in any of the following areas:

  • Data science and strategy - Examine large datasets using scripting languages and computational languages (e.g., Python, R, SQL) to investigate allegations that financial institutions have broken the law. Ensure the data being requested and collected from companies supports investigatory goals. Apply expertise to casework involving data privacy, AI/ML, algorithmic discrimination, and secure data systems.
  • Front-end, back-end, and full-stack engineering – Design, create, and test systems to support investigations. Research new and emerging technical strategies that could help effectively protect consumers. Support investigatory efforts around identity theft, cyber fraud, and system breaches. Programming languages, e.g., Python, SQL, R, Java, JS, Go, Scala, C, C++, Julia, or MatLab.
  • User research or product management - Use agile or lean expertise to align cross-functional teams around a shared vision, strategy and user needs. Monitor markets and develop environmental analyses to understand and summarize economic, social, and financial product research on issues affecting consumers’ everyday decision-making.
  • Product design and user experience - Apply human-centered design techniques to regulatory or investigative efforts and advocate for consumer needs. Help agencies understand how certain UX techniques can be harmful to consumers.

If you work for the state, local, or federal government and are interested in hiring technologists to protect consumers, we have resources that can help.

Witness a violation while working for a company?

You can report a tip to us, through a separate process if you are a current or former employee of a company that has violated federal consumer financial laws or if you are an industry insider who knows about such a company.

Alert us of a potential violation

Supporting the operational needs of the mission

Technologists and leaders in this area design and manage the technical infrastructure of a vital government agency, build digital products, protect critical IT assets, and serve millions of Americans. Technologists work in cross-functional agile delivery teams to create innovative products and services. Leaders inspire and motivate team members to manage our resources efficiently and to deliver the Bureau’s important mission. Opportunities are available for technologists with any of the following expertise:

  • Data science, engineering, architecture, and operations
  • Data business intelligence and digital analysis
  • IT procurement, budget, and asset management
  • Product management
  • Product design & user experience
  • Cybersecurity, zero trust architecture, and identity management
  • Privacy

What we’re looking for

We want people who are excited about building technology and embrace the CFPB's mission. We want people who can thrive in both structured and ambiguous environments, who love working with their colleagues to sort out hard as well as soft problems, and who are eager to help the government keep pace with the private sector.

We are committed to building a team that reflects the communities we serve and strongly encourage people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, women, minorities, people with disabilities, system-impacted people, veterans, and people of all ages to apply.

Current openings

The CFPB empowers consumers to live better financial lives and ensures America’s financial institutions follow the law. A mission like this demands smart, usable and reliable technology and technologists. We need your help holding companies and individuals accountable. Check our current openings to find a technical position that’s right for you.

Upcoming opportunities to use your technical expertise in government

Federal Trade Commission

The FTC is seeking talented technologists to be part of a growing team of world-class technologists who will help the FTC ensure a vibrant technology marketplace and keep pace with tech developments in today’s economy, by strengthening and supporting law enforcement investigations and actions, advising and engaging with staff and the Commission on policy and research initiatives, and engaging the public and relevant experts to understand trends and to advance the Commission’s work. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis. Apply to be a Technologist at the FTC .

Tech to Gov

On Tuesday, October 24th, 2023, Tech to Gov is hosting a National Forum and Job Fair. This virtual National event is for technologists, from individual contributors to executives, looking to transition to the public interest tech field featuring dozens of participating governments and organizations at the Federal, State, and local level including fellowship programs.

Tech to Gov will be hosting this event in partnership with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Register today- space will be limited .

Coding it Forward

If you are a technologist early in your career and looking for a summer program to gain more exposure to tech and public service, check out the Coding if Forward fellowship program.

Coding it Forward’s Fellowship is a paid, 10-week summer opportunity for early-career technologists. Fellows work across cybersecurity, data, design, product, and software to build a more equitable and effective government for all. Applications will be accepted from October 16 – 29, 2023. Learn more about the Coding it Forward Fellowship .

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