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Making consumer complaints available to the public

Today marks a major step forward in our work to protect consumers. In a first by a federal financial regulator, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) will share with the public individual-level consumer complaint data received by the CFPB.

Introducing the Consumer Complaint Database.

No longer will consumer complaints only be known to the complainant, bank, regulator, and those who pursue this information through the Freedom of Information Act. Instead, this data-rich window into consumer financial issues will be widely available to everyone: developers, policymakers, journalists, academics, industry, and you.

Learn more.
Visit the database.

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So, How Do We Put Elizabeth Warren’s Calendar Online?

One of the most popular features on this site is an interactive copy of Elizabeth Warren’s calendar, which includes an RSS feed and the raw calendar data. We think it is already the richest, most detailed leadership calendar that a .gov web site has offered to date, and we hope to make it even better. […]