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§ 1011.20 Unlawful sales practices - regulatory provisions.

This version is the current regulation

In selling, leasing or offering to sell or lease any lot in a subdivision it is an unlawful sales practice for any developer or agent, directly or indirectly, to:

(a) Give the Property Report to a purchaser along with other materials when done in such a manner so as to conceal the Property Report from the purchaser.

(b) Give a contract to a purchaser or encourage him to sign anything before delivery of the Property Report.

(c) Refer to the Property Report or Offering Statement as anything other than a Property Report or Offering Statement.

(d) Use any misleading practice, device or representation which would deny a purchaser any cancellation or refund rights or privileges granted the purchaser by the terms of a contract or any other document used by the developer as a sales inducement.

(e) Refuse to deliver a Property Report to any person who exhibits an interest in buying or leasing a lot in the subdivision and requests a copy of the Property Report.

(f) Use a Property Report, note, contract, deed or other document prepared in a language other than that in which the sales campaign is conducted, unless an accurate translation is attached to the document.

(g) Deliberately fail to maintain a sufficient supply of restrictive covenants and financial statements or to deliver a copy to a purchaser upon request as required by §§ 1010.109(f), 1010.112(d), 1010.209(g), and 1010.212(i).

(h) Use, as a sales inducement, any representation that any lot has good investment potential or will increase in value unless it can be established, in writing, that:

(1) Comparable lots or parcels in the subdivision have, in fact, been resold by their owners on the open market at a profit, or;

(2) There is a factual basis for the represented future increase in value and the factual basis is certain, and;

(3) The sales price of the offered lot does not already reflect the anticipated increase in value due to any promised facilities or amenities. The burden of establishing the relevancy of any comparable sales and the certainty of the factual basis of the increase in value shall rest upon the developer.

(i) Represent a lot as a homesite or building lot unless:

(1) Potable water is available at a reasonable cost;

(2) The lot is suitable for a septic tank operation or there is reasonable assurance that the lot can be served by a central sewage system;

(3) The lot is legally accessible; and

(4) The lot is free from periodic flooding.