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§ 1011.15 Unlawful sales practices - statutory provisions.

This version is the current regulation

The statutory prohibitions against fraudulent or misleading sales practices are set forth at 15 U.S.C. 1703(a). With respect to the prohibitions against representing that certain facilities will be provided or completed unless there is a contractual obligation to do so by the developer:

(a) The contractual covenant to provide or complete the services or amenities may be conditioned only upon grounds that are legally sufficient to establish impossibility of performance in the jurisdiction where the services or amenities are being provided or completed;

(b) Contingencies such as acts of God, strikes, or material shortages are recognized as permissible to defer completion of services or amenities; and

(c) In creating these contractual obligations developers have the option of incorporating by reference the Property Report in effect at the time of the sale or lease. If a developer chooses to incorporate the Property Report by reference, the effective date of the Property Report being included by reference must be specified in the contract of sale or lease.