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§ 1010.559 Previously accepted state filings - notice of revocation rights in contracts and agreements.


(1) All contracts or agreements, including promissory notes used in sale of lots for filings made with the Director pursuant to § 1010.552, must contain the language set forth in section XXXI of the appendix to this part: Notice of Revocation Rights in boldface type (which must be distinguished from the type used for the rest of the contract) on the face or signature page above all signatures:

(2) If the purchaser is entitled to a longer revocation period by operation of State law or the Act, that period becomes the Federal revocation period and the contract or agreement must reflect the longer period, rather than the seven days. The language shall be consistent with that shown on the Cover Page (see § 1010.558).

(b) The above revocation provisions may not be limited or qualified in the contract or other document by requiring a specific type of notice or by requiring that notice be given at a specified place.