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§ 1010.8 Scattered site subdivisions.

This version is not the current regulation.
You are viewing a previous version of this regulation with amendments that went into effect on June 10, 2016.

(a) The sale of lots in a subdivision consisting of noncontiguous parts is exempt from the registration requirements of the Act if:

(1) Each noncontiguous part of the subdivision contains twenty or fewer lots; and

(2) Each purchaser or purchaser's spouse makes a personal, on-the-lot inspection of the lot purchased prior to signing a contract.

(b) For purposes of this exemption, interruptions such as roads, parks, small bodies of water or recreational facilities do not serve to break the contiguity of parts of a subdivision.

(c) The sale must also comply with the anti-fraud provisions of § 1010.4(b) and (c) of this part.