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§ 1010.114 Recreational facilities.

This version is not the current regulation.
You are viewing a previous version of this regulation with amendments that went into effect on June 10, 2016.

(a) Recreational facilities to be covered. Unless otherwise indicated, all information required by paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section shall be provided for only those recreational facilities which

(1) The developer is contractually responsible to provide or complete and which are:

(i) Within, adjacent or contiguous to the subdivision, and

(ii) Maintained substantially for the use of lot owners; or

(2) For which a third party is responsible and which are:

(i) Within, adjacent or contiguous to the subdivision, and

(ii) Maintained substantially for the use of lot owners.

(b) Recreational facility chart. Complete the chart found in section XXV of the appendix to this part: Recreational Facility Chart in accordance with the instructions which follow it. This chart shall immediately follow the § 1010.114 heading. Limit the chart to facilities provided essentially for use of lot buyers.

(1) Facility. Identify each recreational facility. Identify closely related facilities (e.g., swimming pool and bathhouse) separately only if their availability dates differ. If any recreational facility is not owned by the developer, insert a warning below the chart phrased substantially as follows: “We do not own the (name of facility or facilities) so we can not assure its (their) continued availability.”

(2) Percent complete. State the present percentage of completion of construction for each recreational facility.

(3) Estimated date of start of construction. Insert the estimated date of the start of construction for the facility (month and year).

(4) Estimated date available for use. If the construction of the facility is not complete or if it is not available to lot owners for its intended use, indicate the estimated date (month and year) that the facility will be available for use. If the “estimated date available for use” for any facility has been amended to delay it to a later date, indicate such delay in a statement immediately below the chart. Underline the response. This statement shall include the name of the facility and the prior estimated availability date, and it shall be referenced to the appropriate facility listed on the chart by use of an asterisk or other appropriate symbol. If a facility is 100 percent completed and in use, no date is needed.

(5) Financial assurance of completion. If the construction of the facility is not complete, state whether there is any financial assurance of completion. If none, state “none.” If such exists, state the type of assurance (i.e., bond, escrow, or trust). If no documentation for such assurance has been provided in § 1010.214 of the Statement of Record, then do not indicate such assurance on the chart, but in place of such assurance on the chart state “none.”

(6) Buyer's annual cost or assessments. State the lot buyer's annual cost or assessments for using the facility. These costs should include any applicable property owners' association assessment, and the developer's maintenance assessment. If the cost information is lengthy, you may use an asterisk or other appropriate symbol and include the cost information in a paragraph below the chart.

(c) Information to be provided below the recreational facility chart and related warnings.

(1) Constructing the facilities. If the facilities are not complete, indicate who is responsible for the construction of the facilities. Indicate whether the purchaser will be required to pay any of the cost of construction of these facilities (estimate and disclose such cost, if any).

(2) Maintaining the facilities. Indicate who is responsible for the operation and maintenance of these facilities.

(3) Facilities which will be leased to lot purchasers. If no facilities covered here will be leased to a Property Owners' Association or other lot owners in the subject subdivision, omit this caption and any information requested under it from the Property Report. If such leases exist or are anticipated, state which facilities are or will be leased and indicate the term of the lease. Also, state whether the lot owners will have an opportunity to terminate or ratify the lease after control of the Property Owners' Association is turned over to them. Indicate whether the owner of a recreational facility leased to the Property Owners' Association or other lot owners may encumber it and whether the holders of such encumbrances may acquire the leased facilities and not honor the lease. Indicate whether the lease payments may be increased on an escalating or other basis and what costs or expenses, if any, will be borne by the owner. State whether the lease can be assigned or sublet. State how the lease can be terminated.

(4) Transfer of the facilities. If there are presently any liens or mortgages on any of these recreational facilities, describe such liens or mortgages. If the developer, or owner of the subdivision, their principals, or subsidiaries, intend to transfer the title of a listed recreational facility in the future, explain at what time, by what type of conveyance, and to whom such transfer will be made. Disclose any adverse effects on, or cost to, lot purchasers which may be caused by such transfer. If any facility is to be transferred to lot owners as a Property Owners' Association or otherwise, state whether the facility will be transferred free and clear of all liens and encumbrances. If not, state the amount of the encumbrance to be assumed and disclose any contractual conditions on such transfer which relate to lot purchasers.

(5) Permits. If the necessary permits have not been obtained for the construction and/or use of the facilities, identify the facilities for which such permits have not been obtained and include the following statement, or one substantially the same, in the narrative under the caption “Permits”: “The (identify the permit or license) has not been obtained and therefore there is no assurance that the lot owners will be able to use the (identify the facility).”

(6) Who may use the facilities. Indicate who will be permitted to use the recreational facilities (e.g., lot owners, their guests, employees of developer, general public). If the general public will be permitted to use the facilities include the following statement in the narrative under the caption “Who may use the facilities”: “The (identify the facility) is open to use by the general public and their use of the facility may limit use of it by lot owners.”