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§ 1010.16 Regulatory exemption - determination required.

(a) General. The Director may exempt from the registration requirements of the Act any subdivision or lots in a subdivision by issuing an order in writing if it is determined that registration is not necessary in the public interest and for the protection of purchasers on the basis of the small amount or limited character of the offering and the requirements contained in paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) Eligibility requirements. An exemption order may be issued at the discretion of the Director on the basis of the small amount or limited character of the offering if the following requirements are met:

(1) The subdivision or sales substantially meet the requirements of one of the exemptions available under this chapter.

(2) Each contract:

(i) Specifies the developer's and purchaser's responsibilities for providing and maintaining roads, water and sewer facilities and any existing or promised amenities;

(ii) Contains a good faith estimate of the year in which the roads, water and sewer facilities and promised amenities will be completed;

(iii) Contains a non-waivable provision giving the purchaser the opportunity to revoke the contract until at least midnight of the seventh calendar day following the date the purchaser signed the contract. If the purchaser is entitled to a longer revocation period by operation of state law, that period becomes the Federal revocation period and the contract must reflect the requirements of the longer period.

(iv) Contains a provision that obligates the developer to deliver to the purchaser within 180 days of the date the purchaser signed the sales contract, a warranty deed, or its equivalent under local law, which at the time of delivery is free from any monetary liens or encumbrances.

(3) The purchaser or purchaser's spouse makes a personal on-the-lot inspection of the lot to be purchased before signing a contract.

(4) The developer files a request for an exemption order and supporting documentation in accordance with paragraphs (c) and (d) of this section and submits a filing fee of $500.00 in accordance with § 1010.35(a) of this part. This fee is not refundable.

(c) Request. The request for an Exemption Order must be substantially in the format set forth in section V of the appendix to this part: Request for Regulatory Exemption Order.

(d) Supporting documentation. A request for an exemption order must be accompanied by the following documentation:

(1) A plat of the entire subdivision with the lots subject to the exemption request delineated thereon.

(2) A copy of the contract to be used.

(3) A clear and specific statement detailing how the proposed sales of lots subject to the exemption request substantially complies with one of the available exemption provisions.

(4) A description of the method by which the lots have been and will be promoted and to which population centers the promotion has been and will be directed.

(e) The sale must also comply with the anti-fraud provisions of § 1010.4(b) and (c) of this part.

(f) Termination. If, subsequent to the issuance of an exemption order, the Director has reasonable grounds to believe that exemption from the registration requirements in the particular case is not in the public interest, the Director may, after issuing a notice and giving the respondent an opportunity to request a hearing within fifteen days of receipt of the notice, terminate the exemption order. The basis for issuing a notice may be apparent omissions or misrepresentations in the documents submitted to the Director, the conduct of the developer or agent, such as unlawful conduct or insolvency, or adverse information about the real estate that should be disclosed to purchasers. Proceedings will be governed by § 1012.238.