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§ 1010.112 Financial information.

(a) The information required by paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section need appear only if the answer to the question is an affirmative one.

(b) Has the developer had a deficit in retained earnings or experienced an operating loss during the last fiscal year or, if less than a year old, since its formation? If so, include a statement to the effect that this may affect the developer's ability to complete promised facilities and to discharge financial obligations. This statement may be omitted if:

(1) All facilities, utilities and amenities proposed to be completed by the developer in the Property Report and sales contract have been completed so that the lots included in the Statement of Record are immediately usable for the purpose for which they are sold, or if:

(2) The developer is contractually obligated to the purchaser to complete all facilities, utilities and amenities promised by it in the Statement of Record, and:

(i) The developer has made financial arrangements, such as the posting of surety bonds (corporate or individual notes or bonds are not acceptable), irrevocable letters of credit, escrow or trust accounts, to assure that the facilities, utilities and amenities will be completed by the dates set out in the Property Report or contract;

(ii) The sales contract provides for delivery of a deed within 180 days of the signing of the contract which conveys title free of any mortgage or lien, or the developer has filed an assurance of title agreement with ILSRP as outlined in § 1010.212(e); and

(iii) Any down payments or deposits are held in an escrow or trust account.

(c) If the developer's financial statements have been audited, did the accountant qualify the opinion or decline to give an opinion? If so, why was the opinion qualified or declined?

(d) The following statement shall appear: “A copy of our financial statements for the period ending _________ is available from us upon request.”

(e) The information furnished in § 1010.212(b) may necessitate a warning as to costs and/or feasibility of the completion of the subdivision.