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Comment for 1002.110 - Publication of Data and Other Disclosures

110(c) Statement of Financial Institution’s Small Business Lending Data Available on the Bureau’s Website

1. Statement. A financial institution shall provide the statement required by § 1002.110(c) using the following, or substantially similar, language:

Small Business Lending Data Notice

Data about our small business lending are available online for review at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB’s) website at The data show the geographic distribution of our small business lending applications; information about our loan approvals and denials; and demographic information about the principal owners of our small business applicants. The CFPB may delete or modify portions of our data prior to posting it if doing so would advance a privacy interest. Small business lending data for many other financial institutions are also available at this website.

2. Website. A financial institution without a website complies with § 1002.110(c) by making a written statement using the language in comment 110(c)-1, or substantially similar language, available upon request.

3. Revised location for publicly available data.The Bureau may modify the location specified in comment 110(c)-1 at which small business lending data are available via the Filing Instructions Guide and related materials. Refer to the Filing Instructions Guide for any updates for each reporting year.