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Amendments to Filing Requirements Under the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act (Regulations J and L)

This final rule makes a number of procedural and technical amendments to Regulations J and L, which implement the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act (ILSA).  The final rule allows developers to choose whether to submit ILSA filings—including Statements of Record and related amendments, annual reports, and requests to suspend an effective date—on paper or via electronic means designated on the ILSA program page of the Bureau’s website.  Statements of Record submitted to the Bureau electronically in compliance with the final rule need not comply with the requirements in § 1010.102(a), (g), and (h) relating to paper type, tabs, folding, and ordering.

The final rule removes a number of procedural filing requirements under Regulation J, including that developers submit three copies of the final Property Report and two copies of the current geological survey topographic map or maps; that developers use legal size paper for submitting certain filings; that developers submit originals of topographic maps; and that developers bind paper filings.  Under the final rule, developers need only submit one copy of documents to the Bureau, may use letter size paper for paper filings, and may submit photocopies of topographic maps in lieu of originals.  The final rule also permits developers to choose whether to enclose warnings in a box in the Statement of Record.

The final rule also removes or corrects certain unnecessary and erroneous statutory and regulatory citations, without changing the substance of Regulations J and L.  The final rule also updates contact information for the Bureau’s Interstate Land Sales Registration Program office, reflecting changes to the Bureau’s internal organization, and makes other technical changes.

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