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Compliance and guidance

The Bureau provides different forms of guidance and compliance resources to help you understand and comply with our rules and the statutes we implement. 

On this page, we provide regulatory guidance and compliance resources, supervisory process and guidance documents, and information on the Bureau’s registration and submission programs.

Supervisory resources

Supervision and examinations

Learn more about the Bureau’s supervisory authority and understand how our regional offices conduct examinations and assess compliance with federal consumer financial law.

Supervisory Highlights

We periodically release Supervisory Highlights to share key examination findings and to help the entities we supervise limit risks to consumers and comply with federal consumer financial law.

Supervisory guidance

We periodically release policy guidance, including compliance bulletins, joint-agency memoranda, and other notices and guidance to inform and advise regulated entities.

Registration and submission programs

Certain entities are required by regulation to register or submit information to the Bureau. Please find links to the relevant information below.