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CFPB v. Orion Processing, LLC d/b/a World Law Processing, World Credit Repair and World Law Debt et al.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) alleged that World Law and its senior leaders ran a debt-relief scheme that charged consumers unlawful upfront fees and falsely promised consumers a team of attorneys to help negotiate debt settlements with creditors, failed to provide legal representation, and rarely settled consumers’ debts.

The orders entered in this matter permanently ban the defendants from participating in telemarketing or assisting others in telemarketing any consumer financial product or service, and from selling, advertising, offering, or providing any debt relief products or services.

Victim compensation

The CFPB contracted with Analytics Consulting, LLC. to administer payments for this case and to answer questions from consumers. This matter is now closed.

Payments and check reissue requests are no longer being honored. For more information on this closed case, contact us at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Attn: OCFO World Law, 1700 G Street NW, Washington DC 20552.

Important dates

February 2018 – August 2019: Distribution

More information about the case

Read the court orders

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