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An updated review of the new and revised data points in HMDA: Further observations using the 2019 HMDA data

The goal of this article is to help the public become more familiar with the new and revised data points in the 2019 HMDA data and to provide some initial observations about the nation’s mortgage market in 2019 using those new and revised data points. As in last year’s article, the focus of this article is on cross-sectional analyses, i.e. using the data contained in one year’s loan application registrar (LAR) to explore various patterns and relationships between different data fields to provide some initial observations.

To the extent some of those patterns or relationships might have changed significantly over the last year, this article will highlight such changes in comparison to the observations from last year’s article. Otherwise, the majority of the analyses in this article are limited to the data collected in 2019 and reported in 2020.

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