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Young children and earning

Talking with your child about money can go smoother if you keep the conversation age appropriate. The conversation starters and activities here can help you find the words.

Conversations about earning

“You see people working every day doing different jobs.”

  • Describe your job to your child.
  • Walk through your neighborhood or town and point out people working, like the bus driver or the police officer.
  • Talk about people who start their own businesses, like clothing stores or restaurants.
  • Encourage your child to imagine how she could run her own business by setting up a lemonade or cookie stand.

Activities about earning

“Money is what we use to buy things. You earn money by working.”

Money Sort

Print out this activity sheet and spend time with your child practicing important skills like counting and sorting.

Flying My Flag

Use this activity to focus on some of your child’s hidden talents. Ask your child to use a piece of paper and crayons or markers to create a flag to show their talents. Have them start by writing the letters of their first name on their flags. Using these letters, your child can put together words that describe their talents. For example: 

J…Just learned to type

I…Interested in sports

M…Makes terrific pasta

After your child has come up with talents to match the letters of their name, ask them to decorate their flag with markers or crayons.

Download Flying My Flag