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School-age children and protecting

Talking with your child about money can go smoother if you keep the conversation age appropriate. The conversation starters and activities here can help you find the words.

Conversations about protecting

“Keep personal information private.”

  • Know the websites your child visits. Block any inappropriate sites using parental control software.
  • For her safety, make it a rule that your child never gives out any personal information—like her birthdate, address, phone number, or school—when on the computer.
  • Don’t allow her to buy anything online without your permission.
  • Explain that entering personal information, like a bank or credit card number, online is risky because someone could steal it. Thieves can use Social Security numbers or other personal information to open credit cards or create fake documents.
  • Make it a rule that your child never answers emails from someone she doesn’t know and never clicks on pop-up ads.
  • Share your own positive or negative experiences with online privacy.

Activities about protecting

“It’s a good habit to avoid sharing information online.”

Protect What’s Important to Us

Health, family, pets, money, and property are important to a lot of people. This activity will help children identify what’s important to them and explore ways to protect those things from risk.

Download Protect What's Important to Us