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Everyone has a story

When it comes to making financial decisions, knowing where to get help and who to trust isn’t always easy. We’re here for you. Check out stories from people looking for help along their financial journey.

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Ana: Debts you don’t owe

Ana received letters in the mail requesting she pay over $30,000 in homeowners fees, fees she had already paid.

Kathi: Making informed mortgage decisions

After moving to a new city, Kathi used “Buying a House” to help her make informed mortgage choices during her journey to a new home.

Danieshia: Threatened with jail

After losing her job, Danieshia explains that she was unable to pay her debts and soon found herself being threatened with jail by a debt collector.

Dani: Struggling to repay student debt

Dani was struggling to make ends meet and manage her student loan repayments, until she contacted the CFPB.

Captain Jamison: Trouble with mortgage lenders

When a servicemember couldn’t get anywhere with his mortgage lender, Captain Jamison helped him submit a complaint.

Jorge: Credit reporting errors

More than ten years after filing for bankruptcy, Jorge found that the bankruptcy was still showing up on his credit report. After getting nowhere with the credit reporting agency, Jorge reached out to the CFPB.

Leah: Repaying student loans

Leah was struggling to keep up with her student loan debt, until she learned that she had options with the “Paying for College” repayment tool.

Higinio: Credit card errors

After closing a credit card, Higinio was continually charged for debts he had already paid. Three years and hundreds of dollars later he decided to take action.

William: Not my debt

William told us that debt collectors requested that he pay $8,000 for a debt he never owed, ruining his credit in the process.

Bernadette: Unwanted contact

Bernadette told us that a collection agency left her a message at work. Shortly thereafter, she says the collection agency contacted her dad, sisters, and a friend.

Navid: Applying for a mortgage can be complicated

After losing $12,000 applying for a mortgage for a new home, Navid learned he could submit a complaint to the CFPB from an unlikely source.

Harry and Ari: Struggling with an auto loan

Harry spoke up when he noticed his son struggling with a car loan; he ended up helping thousands of servicemembers.

Venida: Credit reporting

After finding a $7,000 charge on her credit report, Venida took action and submitted a complaint.

Debbie: Excessive contact

Debbie told us that she was frustrated by the amount of calls she received about a debt she didn’t understand.