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Electronic Fund Transfers

Resources to help industry understand, implement, and comply with the electronic fund transfer provisions of Regulation E.

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On June 4, 2021, the Bureau issued FAQs regarding the unauthorized transfer and error resolution provisions under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act and Regulation E, including situations when a consumer is fraudulently induced by a third party to provide their account information or private network rules conflict with the regulation. You can access these FAQs here.


Browse the electronic fund transfer final rules to see specific amendments to Regulation E.

Regulations and official interpretations

Browse Regulation E (12 CFR 1005) on: Interactive Bureau Regulations | eCFR

Main electronic fund transfers provisions and official interpretations can be found in:

  • §§ 1005.2, and 1005.3, Scope and Key Definitions
  • §§ 1005.4, 1005.7, 1005.8, 1005.16, and 1005.17, Disclosures
  • § 1005.5, Issuance of access devices
  • §§ 1005.6, and 1005.11, Consumer liability and error resolution
  • § 1005.9, Receipts and periodic statements
  • § 1005.10, Preauthorized transfers
  • § 1005.17, Electronic transaction overdraft service opt in
  • § 1005.20, Gift cards
  • Supplement I to Part 1005 (including official interpretations for the above provisions)


Supervision and examination materials

Guides to how the Bureau and prudential regulators will supervise and examine entities for compliance with Federal consumer financial law.

Interagency examination procedures for EFTA


The Bureau provides a list of commonly asked questions and answers on particular topics to assist in understanding and complying with the electronic fund transfers provisions of Regulation E.

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Additional materials

Prepaid Cards

Resources to help industry participants understand, implement, and comply with the Prepaid Rule. Prepaid resources

Information regarding the agreement submission requirements of the prepaid rule. Submission resources

Remittance Transfers

Resources to help industry participants understand, implement, and comply with the remittance transfer rule (subpart B of Regulation E). Remittance transfer resources