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What should I do if I think an auto dealer or lender is breaking the law?

You have the right to submit a complaint about a problem with an auto lender or dealer that you are not able to resolve.

First, try to work with the company. Companies can usually answer questions unique to your situation and more specific to the products and services they offer. Keep all the documents, messages, voicemails, and records of your interactions with the dealer or lender.

Where do I submit complaints about an auto lender or dealer?

For issues you cannot resolve with an auto lender or a “buy here, pay here” dealer, submit a complaint with the CFPB. For issues with an auto dealership, file a complaint with the FTC .

You can also file a report with your state’s attorney general . If you need a lawyer, there might be resources to help you through your local bar association or legal aid. If you are a servicemember, contact your local Legal Assistance Office .