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What does the financial aid office do?

A school’s financial aid office assists you and your family by providing information on ways to pay for education. 

If you will need assistance in paying for your college education, you should reach out to the financial aid office at the same time as the admissions office. Many schools will try and provide you with an estimated financial aid award so you can make an informed enrollment decision.

Additionally, you can typically go to the financial aid office to:

  • Learn about both federal and private student aid options, including aid programs for that specific school
  • Find out about deadlines for student aid applications
  • Obtain forms and money management guidance
  • Award and process your financial aid and any loan applications you submit

TIP: If you choose to take out a private student loan in order to pay for college, your college financial aid office may provide you with a list of possible lenders. Remember, you have the right to shop around for a private student loan. There may be other loans or products available to you that are not on the list provided by your financial aid office. For example, your local bank or credit union may offer a loan with a lower interest rate or more favorable terms. In most situations, your financial aid office may still need to certify your enrollment in order to obtain a private student loan.