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How much is the GI Bill worth to me?

The VA has a GI Bill Comparison Tool to help you see how much your GI Bill benefits are worth.

The Post-9/11 GI Bill® is the most generous education benefit for servicemembers, veterans and military families since WWII. It has helped over 1 million GI Bill students attend college and improve their lives.

The VA’s GI Bill ComparisonTool can help you find out the worth of your GI Bill benefits.  

Answer a few questions about yourself on the tool, select a local school, or search a particular city, and the comparison tool will tell you how much your GI Bill benefits are worth. You can even see how much the other GI Bill benefits, such as the Montgomery GI Bill, will pay.

The GI Bill Comparison Tool also provides key information about college affordability and brings together information from more than 17 different online sources and three federal agencies, including the number of students receiving VA education benefits at each school.

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