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How do I qualify for an advertised 0% auto financing?

In general, only consumers with the highest credit scores qualify for 0% financing offers. If you qualify, be aware these offers may have other requirements, such as paying it back quickly.

Dealers and manufacturers may offer special incentives on certain vehicles when there's a large inventory they need to sell. These incentives may include 0% APR auto loans and manufacturer cash rebates.

Qualifying for 0% APR financing

Before seeking financing of any kind, it’s a good idea to check your credit reports. These deals are generally for consumers with high credit scores. Your credit score will impact what interest rates a lender will offer you. Before you shop, check your credit report for errors. If you find any, dispute the information to have it corrected.

Learn how to check and compare interest rates

Reading the fine print

These financing deals often require you to pay back the loan in a relatively short period of time, such as 36 months. It’s a good idea to read and make sure you understand the fine print.

In general, a shorter loan duration means you’ll pay less interest over the life of the loan. But it also means that you may have a higher monthly payment.

Figure out how much you can afford

Know before you shop for a car or auto loan

By asking questions before you shop, you’re more likely to get the best interest rates and loan terms for your budget. You’ll save time, money, and reduce stress.

Start by asking yourself these questions