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How can I get an electronic periodic mortgage statement?

If you want to receive your mortgage statement electronically, tell your mortgage servicer.

The CFPB doesn’t prohibit servicers from sending periodic mortgage statements electronically, as long as your servicer has your consent.

Under CFPB rules, your mortgage servicer is generally required to provide a periodic mortgage statement to you each billing cycle. That statement should cover basics such as:

  • An explanation of your amount due
  • Your payment and transaction history
  • Your account information
  • The contact information for your servicer

The CFPB rules do not require mortgage servicers to provide electronic statements, but they do allow servicers to give you the option of receiving your periodic statements electronically instead of through the mail. As long as your servicer gets your consent in advance, it can send electronic periodic statements to you. In fact, if you currently receive electronic statements from your servicer for any account (for example, a checking account), CFPB rules say that your servicer should consider you to have already agreed to receive electronic periodic mortgage statements.

Depending on your individual circumstances, you may prefer to receive paper or electronic statements. Mortgage servicers may be capable of offering you the option for electronic statements.

If you have a problem with your mortgage, you can submit a complaint with us online or by calling (855) 411-CFPB (2372).