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An In-Person Technical Readiness Session: Regulatory Data Collection at CFPB, HMDA and the road ahead


Washington, DC

Bureau HQ 1700 G Street NW B-161 Washington, DC 20552


Thanks for joining us! The event is now live.

NOTE: It is recommended that participant attend only either the meeting on August 19 or September 15. The same materials will be covered at both.

This event will be a technical conversation about software used by financial institutions to facilitate compliance with the CFPB’s small business lending rulemaking (referred to as 1071). The CFPB 1071 technical team will share insights into how the CFPB generally builds regulatory compliance systems for the intake of submitted information from financial institutions, such as Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) reporting system. The team will also review a sample draft 1071 filing instruction guide (FIG), which has been drafted as if the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) were finalized as proposed. By sharing these artifacts and discussing regulatory compliance and technology, we are seeking feedback from participants on ways to build the 1071 system so that it can be more easily integrated with existing software systems used by financial institutions. Please note that the meeting materials are intended only as an exemplar and constitute only the technical team's draft operationalization of the data points as proposed in the NPRM.

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The Bureau greatly appreciates the significant interest in this conversation. Due to space constraints, the Bureau is now closing in-person registration. Interested parties can still attend virtually.

As a reminder, this event is intended to be a technical conversation that will inform how the Bureau will build future data collection systems, such as the small business lending data collection system. The attendees who will gain value from this conversation are those with expertise in API implementation, transmitting data via APIs, authentication/authorization systems, preparation of data for submission, implementing data standards and validation criteria, and validating data submissions. As such, the Bureau encourages those who are familiar with their organization’s relevant systems to register.