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We’re training housing counselors on the new mortgage servicing rules

This year, we established new, strong protections for homeowners facing foreclosure. Since these rules went into effect on January 10, we’ve been focused on helping housing counselors better understand these new federal protections available to struggling mortgage borrowers.

Since last December, we’ve provided on-site and virtual trainings to more than 5,000 housing counselors in more than twenty cities, including Columbus, Orlando, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Albany. We also recently held a training entirely in Spanish for Puerto Rico’s housing counseling community.

Find a housing counselor

There are more than 2,000 housing counseling agencies throughout the country, and we can help you find a HUD-certified housing counselor near you. They can help answer questions or address concerns about buying a home, renting, defaults, foreclosures, and credit issues.

Doing even more for housing counselors

If you’re a HUD-certified housing counselor and would like to request training on the new mortgage servicing rules, send us an email.

We also have a guide for housing counselors about the mortgage servicing rules. This is designed to be a quick reference for housing counselors and their work with clients.

Housing counselors can submit a complaint about consumer financial products or services, such as mortgages, online or by phone at (855) 411-2372, on behalf of clients. They can also use the public Consumer Complaint Database to monitor trends in their local marketplace.

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