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Use our toolkit to help spread the word about pandemic financial relief options

We have launched a new digital toolkit for media, intermediaries, and other stakeholders interested in providing information and resources to renters and mortgage borrowers who continue to struggle financially from the coronavirus pandemic. Our toolkit provides the most up-to-date information and resources that you can share.

According to June research, the number of seriously delinquent mortgage borrowers remains nearly three times higher than before the pandemic, and many borrowers may face a precarious financial situation once forbearance and other relief programs end.

To help spread the word to struggling consumers about their protections and relief options, you can access a comprehensive digital media toolkit with sample communications that include:

View the complete digital housing toolkit

We are committed to providing consumers with up-to-date information and resources to protect and manage their finances during the coronavirus pandemic and the changing economy. The toolkit is part of the housing assistance website, which was developed in collaboration with the CFPB, Federal Housing Agency, Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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