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Today’s Money as You Grow Bookshelf pick: "Jingle Dancer"

A new addition to Money as You Grow Bookshelf is "Jingle Dancer," by Cynthia Leitich Smith, for ages 4 and up. In the book, Jenna wants to dance at the next powwow. She needs to have bells that jingle on her dress, so she asks members of her family for help.

In the Parent Guide for "Jingle Dancer," you’ll find questions that you can ask your child about the story. For young children, it’s important to build foundational skills like solving problems and thinking flexibly. You might ask your child about a time she really wanted something, and had to find different ways to get it. Slightly older children, up to age 10, may be curious about how money works. You might ask your child about how to be responsible when he borrows and lends important things.

The Parent Guide also includes activities you can do with your child, based on the key ideas in the book. For “Jingle Dancer,” the activities focus on:

  • Sharing and borrowing
  • Problem solving
  • Adding small amounts together to get a larger amount

Money as You Grow Bookshelf gives parents and caregivers a natural way to start money conversations with children. You can read the Money as You Grow Bookshelf selections at home on your own. Use our Parent Guides for key ideas, questions, and activities.

Whether you’re a money expert or still learning yourself, we hope you’ve used this book, and the others on the list, to help you practice the skills and attitudes your children will need in the future. If you’ve checked out all of the books on the list and the Parent Guides that go with them, read more about activities and conversation starters for all age groups

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