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Celebrate Children’s Book Week with the Money as You Grow book club

Reading with your children lets them be creative—and our book club can help make talking about money easier.

It’s Children’s Book Week, the nation’s longest-running annual celebration of children's books and reading . In honor of the celebration, we’re highlighting our Money as You Grow book club.

Through the book club, you can help your children form money-savvy habits, while encouraging them to read. Our reading list includes popular books for children ages 4 to 10, which tell the stories of diverse characters and experiences that your children can relate to.

We also have Parent Guides for each book that you can use to talk about money choices like saving, spending, and more. Check your local library or bookstore to see if they have the books.

Here’s a few of our most recent selections:

Illustration of a bowl of salsa and chips

Count on Pablo by Barbara deRubertis

Summary: Pablo is happy to go to the market with Abuela (Grandmother). He counts the fruits and vegetables to sell at the market. Pablo also uses his problem solving skills to help Abuela sell all the food at her booth.

Key ideas: Solving problems, earning

Age: 5 to 7

Download discussion guide

Illustration of a train

Curious George Saves His Pennies by Margret and H.A. Rey

Summary: Curious George wants to buy a toy train at a local toy store. The man with the yellow hat suggests that George save money for the train. When George reaches his goal, he loses all his money on the way to the toy store.

Key ideas: Making decisions, sharing and borrowing

Age: 4 to 7

Download discussion guide  

Illustration of a pitcher of lemonade

Lemonade in Winter by Emily Jenkins

Summary: On a cold winter day, Pauline and John-John set up a lemonade stand on the street outside their home. They try many ways to sell their drinks and Pauline teaches John-John how to count quarters along the way.

Key ideas: Solving problems, spending 

Age: 3 to 7

Download discussion guide  

Check out the rest of the books.

Here are some tips to make the most out of our books and discussion guides:

  • If your children know how to read, ask them to read along with you.
  • Ask your child questions as you go, like “What happens next? What should the characters do? How do they feel?”
  • Ask your child questions after you finish reading, like:
    •   What did you like best?
    •   What's the main idea?
    •   Has anything like that happened to you?
    •   What did you do, and what if you could do it over?

If you would like to get more involved, you can bring the book club to your library. Review our implementation guide to get started.

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